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    CZ Entry-Level CMO Stereo Microscope Series

    Modular design enables the user to engineer their own custom solution for virtually any application , selecting components from the widest range of bodies, stands, eyepieces, supplementary lenses, illuminators, camera adapters and accessory components in the microscope industry today.

    All-metal aluminum alloy microscope bodies and components with chemical resistant finishes guarantee stability and rugged dependability for a lifetime of day-in and day our use. Superior craftsmanship, quality components, and materials result in long-lasting high performance products.

    All of our EM series microscopes bodies feature a compact lightweight design. Every stereo body features adjustment of diopter tubes and interpupillary distance adjustment. Observation tubes are inclined at 45, 60, or 90 degrees for convenient fatigue free viewing depending on the application. A range of fixed of tilting focus blocks is available to mount the microscope body onto existing O.E.M equipment. A choice of Zoom, Turret, or Fixed magnification bodies with various working distances, optional auxiliary objectives and eyepieces, multiple adjustable stands, versatile illumination systems and auxiliary components allow the end user to design a system to fulfill their specific requirements