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    EMZ Series

    Meiji Techno Stereo Microscopes comes in two different configurations.

    The most popular configuration consist of our EMZ (Zoom), EMT (Turret) or EMF (Fixed) Series.
    NOTE: Additional items are needed to create a full microscope system. The following components are normally ordered:
    • Stereo Microscope Body (Zoom, Turret or Fixed)
    • Eyepieces (Requires 2 of identical magnification)
    • Stand (Pole stands, rigid arm stands, boom stands, heavy duty boom stands, wide surface stands or articulated arm stands)
    • Illumination Source (Fiber optic halogen, fiber optic LED, fluorescent ring or LED illumination)
    • Auxiliary Lens (Optional)

    The second configurations is our non-modular completed configuration systems. Affordable and easy to use with all ages.