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    MT-60 Laboratory Biological Compound Microscope Series

    It is an optical instrument that uses lenses to magnify objects, particularly microscopic objects that are not possibly seen with the naked eye.
    Superior design and performance are important features to consider when purchasing a good quality laboratory microscope. You will need one that is heavy duty and will hold up to daily use in the lab. Super high contrast objectives are needed to give that clear picture you would expect with a quality microscope. Keep in mind that superb optical clarity at various magnifications will be possible with a higher quality DIN achromatic optics. A camera would be optional, but a great feature to take into consideration.
    Since 1964, Meiji Techno has grown to become the third largest company to manufacture optical microscopes in Japan. They now offer a wide variety of high quality microscopes and accessories for various applications in science, education and industry.
    Meiji microscopes perform right up there with other top of the line microscope manufactures, but with a price tag that is easier on the pocketbook. Built to last, their all-metal construction makes them dependable, solid and sturdy. Because of this and the rigorous inspection required for each and every microscope, they can proudly and confidently stand behind their products with warranties and customer service for the lifetime of the product.

    Benefits of Using a Meiji Techno Microscope in the Laboratory

    Meiji Techno America is a company that is well known in the science world. They make high quality laboratory microscopes that can work well in many different settings. These devices are made of quality materials that are designed to last. They make microscopes for use in educational facilities, as well as ones that are used in industrial and professional laboratories. The company provides assistance with product selection for customers who need an accurate and precise microscope but aren't sure which model best suits their needs.

    Laboratory microscopes from Meiji Techno America are essential to many different applications in the workplace or educational facility. Some of the most common uses are: cell and tissue cultures, fiber identification, surgical training, metallurgical, and measurement. These products are found in medical and veterinarian facilities all over the country and are also commonly used in medical schools and training programs.

    Meiji Techno America designs many different models of laboratory microscopes which allows them to provide the exact device needed for different customers. Each microscope was carefully created to be precise and functional for its intended uses. Some are specifically designed to be used in educational facilities are these are often easier for students to use. Others are designed with the professional in mind and they have advanced features which makes them essential to many jobs. Whichever microscope is chosen from Meiji Techno America, one can be sure it will provide an accurate view into the microscopic world.