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    MT-90 Advanced Polarizing Compound Microscope Series

    The MT-90 series is our best buy for a student polarizing microscope that is affordable and portable.

    Polarized light microscopy is a useful tool for distinguishing between singly refracting (optically isotropic) and doubly refracting (optically anisotropic) material. Quantitative measurements of optical anisotropy are used in the optical analysis of doubly refracting or birefringent materials under polarized light. These measurements are made with the aid of accessory plates called compensators and retardation plates. Retardation plates have a fixed optical path difference and compensators have a variable optical path difference. The intermediate tube of the Meiji polarized light microscope houses either a sliding or rotatable analyzer, a slidingĀ  Bertrand lens and a slot for insertion of retardation plates and compensators. The dimensions of the compensator/retardation plate are DIN stand 20mm X 6mm.